Sunday, September 10, 2006

You can dance if you want to...

Pats win by a safety, Larry Maroney looks pretty freaking sweet and Jim Nantz has the worst game calling first downs that I've ever seen...can Phil Simms please have Gumbel back?

Speaking of Simms, my burning question is this.: You are in Foxboro. You are calling a game as the number one broadcast team of CBS. You prepared all week for your assignment. As the game goes on, Tampa Bay's score on the ticker is zero....then zero...then zero at half...then zero all the way to the clubhouse. Your eldest obviously isn't having his best day. It has to be extremely distracting. It distracts me if Matt Hasselback is holding his ribs and I've only got him for the next 12 weeks of my life. You have to think that Phil wants to rip his headset off and fire it at Nantz's skull. I would.

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