Friday, September 08, 2006

Austin Is For Lovers

It's a big game. Come on man, put a little effort into it. If you want to preview this matchup of titans, I'd like something a little more in depth next time.

My designated college footbal guru, Catfish, bombed out of the box last week with Marshall. Let's get back on track with his call of the game of the week, at least until Tom Brady gets under center.

OSU at UT -2.5 50 O/U

This game should be fun to watch with two good offenses. OSU's offense is tough, and even with Tressel reigning it in, still did a number on a decent Northern Illinois team. The problem with OSU is the defense, particularly on the ground. I think Texas may have noticed that Garrett Wolfe rushed for 171 on 26 carries and had 114 receiving yards on 5 catches. Northern Illinois had one offensive weapon, and OSU couldn't stop it. Texas showed me nothing against UNT, but Texas has more than one offensive weapon to focus on. The loss of a starting CB for Texas makes me think that they will also have trouble slowing down OSU. I expect to see a shootout. With Texas coming out on top. Pick: Texas and Over

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Clarke said...

That's incredible. And the best part is that he starts by saying that there's not much material to work with!