Friday, September 01, 2006

NFL Predictions

So I see where ESPN has all their expert picks up for the season...

A couple of observations...

1)Of the 12 people polled, 10 have the Pats winning the AFC East and the other 2 have the Dolphins. That calmed me down a little bit after reading the SI preview that has the Dolphins in the Super Bowl.

2)But then I start getting worked up again. Here's the breakdown of AFC Champion predictions...9 of 12 experts pick the (sigh) Colts. The other three votes went to Denver, Cincinnati and New England. So 1 person out of 12 takes the Pats. Nobody takes the Steelers. 9 take the Colts. Apparently, proving you can actually do it isn't worth much.

3)7 of the 9 people who have the Colts going to the SB have them winning it. 2 people took Carolina. Two took the Seahawks. Merrill Hoge, who may or may not be insane, has the Bengals. I would take any one of these gentleman up on a bet where they get those 4 teams and I get the rest of the league in a heartbeat. The very fact that the "experts" are convinced it's going to be an Indy-Seattle or an Indy-Carolina Super Bowl makes it almost a lock that none of those three times will be there.

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