Saturday, September 16, 2006

I get older...

Some people like to ask what my favorite type of movie is. I think I found the answer. It kind of creeps me out, but I think I have to answer "High School Movies". Sounds dicey, right? Well, Entertainment Weekly came out with the Top 25 High School Movies Ever. Talk about loaded:

1. Breakfast Club

2. Fast Times

3. Dazed

4. Rebel Without A Cause

5. Heathers

6. American Graffiti

7. Clueless

8. Boys N The Hood

9. Election

10. Ferris

11. Say Anything

12. Mean Girls

13. High School

14. Darko

15. Carrie

16. Lucas

17. Peggie Sue Got Married

18. Rock N Roll High School

19. Last Picture Show

20. Dead Poets Society

21. Grease

22. American Pie

23. Cooley High

24. Rushmore

25. Hoosiers

Yes, two of the best movies in cinema history are sitting at 24 and 25. That's a problem, but they issue a caveat that Rushmore is more than a high school movie (true) but they still need to include it and Hoosiers truly is a sports classic....anyway, that's a solid list. Wouldn't you say? I wouldn't suggest bringing it up on a first date however, this High School Movie fetish. It looks better on paper.

Five facts you may not have known about the greatest story ever told:

1. Vince Vaughn went for the roles of Benny and O' Bannion but lost the roles to Affleck and Cole Hauser. Does this mean that Vince would have been in Good Will Hunting if he won that role? Does that mean someone else would have gotten the Swingers role...this could have changed the Frat Pack as we know it.

2. Jason Lee was in Austin, Texas for the entire shoot, hanging with Adam Goldberg, Anthony Rapp and Parker Posey. Why? He was a skater, not an actor, dating Marissa Rabisi, who is now married to Beck. I'm guessing Affleck may have introduced Lee to Kevin Smith.

3. Ashley Judd couldn't get a role. She auditioned and didn't get chosen for any female spot, but totally hit on Jason London and from what I've read, it sounds like he closed the deal.

4. Universal Pictures tried to get Richard Linklater to eliminate all soundtrack recording and have current bands cover 70's songs. Linklater threatened to shut the picture down if the recordings weren't authentic. He even had to give up his royalties on the soundtrack sales to make it happen. That is a ballsy stand against the man and a necessary one at that.

5. The guy who played Pickford couldn't get along with anyone in the cast. I don't know a thing about this guy, Shawn Andrews, but it sounds like you'd have to be a pretty big prick to have that happen: that cast had a killer time in Austin filming that movie. There were cliques, but everyone kind of banded together, except him. Anyway, by the time they filmed the Joint Subcommittee Meeting at the Fifty Yard Line, Pickford was alienting himself and they replaced him with Wooderson to go with Donnie Dawson, Shavonne, Randy Floyd and Simone. (Imagine working yourself out of one the best scenes in movie history?). McConaughey was a student who was found in an Austin bar for a bit part at the Emporium, but Linklater really started to like him and then he used him at the Fifty Yard Line scene and Matthew came up with the whole "L-I-V-I-N" speech. Rest is history. Linklater went back and started added Wooderson scenes all over the movie. And all Pickford has is big eyeballs. Amazing

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