Monday, September 18, 2006

Great Album Covers: Part 1

Machon, a while back, was having a conversation with some friends about this. We did a lot of research and found some incredible stuff. There is some great stuff out there on the net and after looking at about 100 awesomely awful covers, we decided on our favorite 5. So while Clarke will analyze the context of album songs, Machon will look at the context on these album covers.

You have to be friggin kidding me? Seriously? Orleans is not your no-name band. “Still the One” was a legitimate hit. But, what in gods name were they thinking here? I mean seriously. An album cover is a form of marketing. You want to catch your audience’s eye. A very creative cover can raise sales with more impulse buys. I would love to have been in the room when the hammered this idea out. They all look pretty happy with it, all 5. Could you imagine trying to convince 4 of your friends to get naked with you, hug each other and take pictures? Some points:

1. The guy on the far right has way too much hair. Also, he is definitely holding, nay, pulling the second guys hand on his nipple. This brings on a very large smile. This guy is really awkward looking. Machon dislikes this guy the most.
2. The man in the middle is blatantly looking at the awkward guy on the far rights package. This is your album cover for cryin' out loud, look at the camera. And if you must look somewhere else; the scrawny, hairy, unpleasant guy’s kibbles and bits can't be the best choice. It just can’t be.
3. That dude is resting his chin on the voyeur’s shoulder. In fact, both men next to the tall peeping tom may be doing this. I am 24, I have never rested my chin on a fully clothed man, never mind a naked one. This man (left of center) also seems to have an enormous wingspan. He almost wraps all 4 of the fully grown naked men in his arms during the shoot.
5. Besides the fact he is short and naked, I don’t have to much to say about the guy on the far left. I bet he was the last to commit, I also bet he was the drummer.


Hadley said...

The drummer certainly just had his nipple tweaked. And he loved it.

Clarke said...

Wow. That's all I can say. I'm flabbergasted.