Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Man Among Boys

To warm us up for the first Sunday of football season, I figured I would throw up Reggie Bush's High School highlight real. Also, you get to listen to this wonderful musical arrangement, brought to you by the popular "50dollarbeat"... Bach would have been proud.

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Actually, Hold up a second, are they implying that that specific beat cost 50 dollars.. and further more, does every single one of their "beats" ring up at the same price. If so, why would you narrow down your potential profit margin like that? It just can't be good for the bottom line. Did they benchmark the market before jumping into this? Or was more like a game of Double Dutch, jump on in and hope you can keep up with the swingers. While where on the topic.. here is the 1983 hit (and I am taking liberties with the word hit here) single "Double Dutch" by Malcolm Mclaren


Machon said...

Check out the circle surrounding the dutch, the are really into it. The white guy that looks like Carrot Top is extremely out of place and I am torn between what I love the most.. The uniforms, high socks, or the group that sports the old school Adidas Sambas

Clarke said...

The Bush highlight video is ridiculous. A couple of observations...

-Around the 1:57 mark one of Reggie's teammates absolutely destroys one of the kid's who's pursuing the play.

-At about the 2:20 mark the poor kid in orange, #30, might be most overmatched athlete of all-time.

-The run that comes around the 3:38 mark is either the greatest run I've ever seen or the worst tackling performance of all-time. Maybe both.

Clarke said...

As for the Double Dutch Yikes. The white guy that looks like Carrot Top has to be Malcolm, no? I almost pissed myself at the part near the end when he asks how many jumps they can do.

Machon said...

Some of Reggie's High School accomplishments:
-4,995 rushing yards
-450 points
-avg 12 yards per carry

In 2001:
-ran for over 2,200 yards
-over 3,134 all-purpose yards

He also has a few stripes, being named too: 2002 Parade All-American (and the top running back), USA Today All-USA first team, Super Prep All-American, Prep Star All-American, Student Sports All-American first team, Tom Lemming All-American, The All-American second team, Tom Lemming Super Team, Super Prep Elite 50, Prep Star Top 100 Dream Team, The Sporting News Hot 100, FOX Sports 50, Tom Lemming Top 100, Super Prep All-Farwest, Prep Star All-West, Tom Lemming All-West, Tacoma News Tribune Western 100, Orange County Register Fab 15 first team, Long Beach Press-Telegram Best in the West first team, Cal-Hi Sports All-State first team, All-CIF San Diego Section first team, San Diego Union-Tribune Offensive MVP and All-Grossmont South League Offensive MVP.

His nickname "The President"