Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So Far So Good

Machon has enjoyed fall TV thus far. Last night we caught the premiere of HEROES and we really liked it. It seems like it's going to be a X-men meets 4400 meets X-files. I thought it was delivered very well and the Japanese guy made me laugh. So what is Machon watching this fall? Here is the list:

Heroes: It seems to be well written. I really liked the opener and will watch it until it loses me. This is what happens every year and by October this list is cut in half.
Lost: No need to explain. Either you watch it or you don't
Studio 60: I loved the opener. I really did. I thought Pete was overacting a little, but lets be honest here... it's Amanda "Can I take my shirt of now?" Pete. Second show was not as good, but we love Sorkin and think this will work.
The Office: If you don't watch it, leave. Ahh, don't speak.. just walk away and never return.
Kidnapping: Not sure why I am watching this one, but I am.
The Amazing Race The Family Edition almost killed the show. It was awful, but they come back this year with some killer teams (2 already eliminated). They have the couple, 2 years into it and deciding if they should make the next step, that absolutely hates each other. They have (had) 2 groups of very attractive women. Miss New York and Miss Cali are still in it, the spunky cheerleaders are gone. They have a lady with one leg. They have a middle aged giddy gay couple, that provide serious comedic entertainment. They have a father and daughter duo, where the father cries in disappointment about his daughter being gay. Two Country Bumpkins from Kentucky who have no idea where they are. They may win; they think they are still in Kentucky. It is amazing. Good cast, I am in.
Friday Night Lights: Machon liked High School.
30 Rock: Alec Baldwin, enough said.

Watching because of Machonette:

Greys Anatomy
Dancing with the Stars
Gilmour Girls
Desperate Housewives

Add in football, hockey, basketball, college sports, reading, and the internet. I am guessing first cuts will come around next thursday. The final roster should be set in stone by the 2nd week in October.


Brandon said...

wow buddy-
Gilmour Girls and Desperate Housewives?! The Machon I know would walk the dog for an hour during those piss poor excuses for programming.

Machon said...

The Machon you knew is dead. And Gilmour Girls is an underrated show.

I did not add Nip/Tuck because I do walk the dog or go to the Moan and Dove during this show. I hate it, and I see way to much Naked Man. I refuse to watch that show. I don't care if the story line is compelling. That much naked man = Machon leaving for a bar.

jose reyes said...

grey's anatomy is the best show on tv besides Monday night Raw

Machon said...

"grey's anatomy is the best show on tv besides Monday night Raw "

You start off the sentence with some momentum and then you have to go and say something like that?

I never said I thought any of those shows were bad (some are), I was merely saying that if Machonette did not make me watch them, I would not. Raw

Moses said...

You know I thought Heroes was just going to be an X-Men ripoff, but after watching it (and hearing them MENTION X-Men) I think it's actually a bit more interesting than that. . . Like you said, watch it til it loses us. . .