Friday, September 22, 2006

That Is The Tempo


Machon said...

It's very true. There is a difference from black rappers getting old and white rappers getting old. Snoop Dog rapping at 50.. Ok, Young MC.. you have to question it.

Machon said...

Young MC is a black rapper. Machon meant Mike D.. but, then again, he has had a few.

Clarke said...

Here's my night so far...

9:00: Got home from meeting my parents for dinner.

9:05: Tried to use the internet and found out my connection was dead.

9:06-11:00: Watched Ryder Cup coverage.

11:01: Talked to Hadley

11:02: Tried the internet again. no luck. Went to bed.

1:00: Woke up because my allergies won't let me sleep.

And that led me here. Apparently, the internet connection is fine now. I've got Slow and Low playing in all it's glory. And it is glorious too. Tremendous performance.

But's time for another attempt at sleep. Wish me luck.

Machon said...

good luck