Friday, September 15, 2006

First & Ten

Well, my suffering is over. After about a month without an ipod I'm back up and running. I'm not completely finished in downloading and importing everything I want. Still have a lot of live stuff I need to plow through. But I'm mostly done. And in honor of this joyous development I've decided to play the old "hit shuffle-all and see what the next ten songs that come up are" game for Freeze Pop land. Only, in this case, not only are you getting ten random songs, you're also getting the very first ten ever played from this ipod.

Without further ado...

1)Angie - The Rolling Stones (Solid start. I'm more than happy to kick off with The Stones. Funny thing is I used to hate Angie as a kid. I'd make my Dad change the station if it come on the radio. I'm not even sure why. I just hated it. Of course now, having lived a little, I think it's brilliant. Brilliant songwriting from Keith. Brilliant vocal from Mick. Great, great song. A worthy lid-lifter for my new ipod.)

2)Mountains O' Things - Tracy Chapman (I've been a huge fan of Tracy Chapman's first album since about my freshman year in college.)

3)Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles (Beatles and Stones as 2 of my first 3? This is going to look rigged. I swear I'm not though. That's what came up. Not my favorite Beatles song but a good change of pace after a couple slow tunes.)

4)Wild Horses - The Rolling Stones (All right, WTF? Another Stones tune?)

5)Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol (Well, that's something different. One of the great odes to masturbation of all-time. )

6)Raven - Dave Matthews Band (Meh. I'm just not into Dave that much these days. I've still got a bunch of his stuff on here. I still think, for example, that the Lillywhite Sessions are very good. It's just hard to be real excited for DMB at this point.)

7)New Slang - The Shins (A little too trendy but that's OK. )

8)Mother's Little Helper - The Rolling Stones (I'm ready to bring this thing back to the Apple Store at this point. Are you kidding me? I don't even have that much Stones on the there for crying out loud. I'm officially miffed.)

9)Long Black Veil - Dave Matthews & Emmylou Harris (Now I'm just getting mad.)

10)Too Legit To Quit - MC Hammer (Ahh, but just when I'm getting to the end of the rope the Hammer pulls me back. Everytime I hear this song (which isn't often) I think of two things...1)the cheesy video they made for it with a bunch of pro athletes. 2)When I was in prep school a kid from my hall and I sent a form letter out to every NBA team basically asking them to send us free crap. Why? I don't know. We were bored one night and had an NBA directory I guess. Anyhow, about 75% of the teams actually responded and most of them did, in fact, send free crap. Pocket schedules. Fridge magnets. Stuff like that. But the one I'll always remember was the Lakers. The Lakers sent a bumper sticker. And on the bumper sticker? The Lakers logo and the hand motions...not the words...the HAND MOTIONS...for Too Legit To Quit. That's it. Classic.)


Machon said...

2.Sam Cooke- A Change is Gonna Come
2.Coldplay- Green Eyes
3.TLC- Waterfalls
4.Steely Dan- Reelin in the Years
5.Pearl Jam- Deep
6.Black Sabbath- Children of the Grave
7.Lynyrd Skynyrd- Red, White, and Blue
8.Pink Floyd- Is There Anybody Out There?
9.Supremes- Stop! In The Name Of Love
10.Weezer- The Sweater Song

Bonus 11th Song: 50 Cent- Best Friend.

Brandon said...

I'm bored at work
1) No Quarter - Led Zep
2) STP - Creep
3) Love - G. Love and Special Sauce
4) Smack my bitch up - Prodigy
5) Humpin Around - Bobby Brown
6) I believe in miracles - Hot Chocolate
7) My name is HOV - Jay Z
8) Electric Avenue - Eddie Grant
9) Going Back to cali - BIG
10) Rock you like a hurricane - Scorpions

it appears my pod likes classic jams from the least it gave me zeppelin out of the gate

Machon said...

It's a gamble. If you were told that you were going to be labled, for the rest of your life, depending on this.. it's a serious gamble. I have some worthless crap on my Ipod. But, it's my worthless crap.

Hadley said...

Ipods have great comedic value:

4) Smack my bitch up - Prodigy
5) Humpin Around - Bobby Brown

The little man inside the Ipod did that on purpose...a little shot at Whitney for kicks.