Saturday, September 16, 2006

Can Catfish Swim?

In all fairness, Catfish was 7-4 last week in the 11 picks he sent the Moses Email List. I just happened to choose the second straight loser. Since he knows the southeast pretty well (he's a USM diehard and lived through the glorious Favre years), I'l let him call this one. Thank me later for the 15 minutes you have to place this wager:

LSU @ Auburn -3.5

Auburn played great against Wash. St. but then had some trouble against Miss. St. early, before pouring it on at the end. LSU has faced two creampuffs in UL-Lafayette and Arizona. I am much more impressed with Auburn's performance to date. I like Kenny Irons and the home team. Auburn

Hadley, on another note, likes ND.

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