Friday, September 22, 2006

Gay Witch Hunt

Tremendous start to Season 3 of The Office last night. I thought the Jim/Pam stuff was handled well. I'm kind of glad that wasn't the main focus of the show last night. Instead we got an absolute tour de force from Michael. Too many great lines to mention them all but here are a half dozen of my favorites from Episode 1...

Michael: You don’t call retarded people “retards.” It’s bad taste. You call your friends “retards” when they’re acting retarded. And I consider Oscar a friend.

Andy: I sang in the a cappella group, Here Comes Treble.

Michael: I watch “Queer as F*ck.”
Jan: That’s not what it’s called.

Creed: I’m not offended by homosexuality. In the sixties, I made love to many, many women. Often outdoors, in the mud and the rain, and it’s possible a man slipped in. Would be no way of knowing.

Michael: I am coming out hetero.

Michael: I’m glad today spurred social change. It’s part of my job as regional manager. But you know what, even if it didn’t, at least we put this matter to bed. That’s what she said. Or he said. Oh, there’s Gil, Oscar’s roommate. I wonder if he knows.


Machon said...

"We are all Homo's.. Homosapians."

Great stuff. I loved Kelly in the episode. When Michael was kissing Oscar, they pan across the room to gauge reactions and she had her hands clamped together with a look of utter joy on her face.

Also liked the new guy (Alex?) Jim works with reaction to the calculator in the jello.

"Somebody better tell me who put my f'n calculator in the jello or I'm going to flip out" (kicks the trash can)

Great episode

Machon said...

Ah, yes Clarke.. It was Andy.

Clarke said...

Yup. It's Andy. He's got a lot of potential. The calculator scene was great. Loved the "Big Tuna" stuff. "Here Comes Treble" was perfect. Loved the Cornell line too. "Ever heard of it?"

This was a great line from Jim last night too...

Jim: I can’t say whether Dunder Mifflin paper is less flammable, sir, but, I can assure you that it’s certainly not more flammable.