Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Players Wives

Here is a picture of many of the Red Sox Wives:

Manny's wife is back row far left, she is the pick of the litter. I can't figure out all of them but going left from Mrs. Manny we have:

Mrs. Nixon, Shonda, Mrs. Lucky, Mrs Francona (I believe). No idea on the next two and I really hope the one to the left of Mrs. Ortiz is with Dave Wallace or someone because god.. she is unattractive, we know Mrs. Ortiz is next. Sources tell me the next two (who are both very hot) are Youks and Dinardo's girls. Good job fellas.

Front Row L-R:

Mrs. Clement, Mrs. Paps, Mrs. Wakefield, Mrs. Timlin, Mrs. Lorretta

By the way, thanks to some research from a poster over at SoSH, Youks' chick is Enza Sambataro, who used to date our boy Ben Affleck. Not to to shabby.

Big fan of Manny's wife, Juliana. Here is another picture with her and Mrs. Judas during the Queer Eye Shoot:

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