Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Stanley Speaks...

..from the shadows. Theoretically, there are 4 contributors to the site, but much like Stanley in real life… they feel like they don't need to show up all the time, they are constantly late for practice, and they have their own clicks. They bring lunch to school and still buy a friggin lunch, while Machon is trading in 7-up cans to get his hands on the large cookie and the square paper box of milk.

Anyway, our friend Stanley sent this along:

"The Realization hit many Michigan State fans this weekend as the Spartans blew a 16-point 4th quarter lead to the Irish. There had to be many booze-fueled, Clinton-mad rants among Michigan State fans after the final seconds ticked off the clock. None can be as memorable as this: an audio clip of a Michigan State fan who also happens to be a local radio personality. We pick the action up 7 minutes and 40 seconds into the radio segment. Enjoy."

Michigan State

As Stanley told me, commit yourself. It's long, but is very entertaining.

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