Friday, September 22, 2006

5 Recommendations for the Weekend

1. Go out and treat yourself to a nice breakfast. You deserve it, and hell, how often do you get do that. Try to invite someone else, because eating your breakfast alone in a diner can really put things into perspective. If you do go alone, you must bring a newspaper. This will allow you to avoid eye contact with all the happy couplings and friends enjoying their Belgium waffles and eggs, sunny side up.

2. Take a self defense class. These ruffians are getting out of control. You never know when one will confront you and learning some kick ass technical moves could come into play. It certainly does for these guys: Tough Guys

3. Keep an eye on the Umass football team. They only lost to Navy by a point and beat Colgate and Villanova. The Minutemen are returning back to McGuirk Staduim to face Stoney Brook(0-3) and Machon predicts a blow out. Minutemen vs. The Seawolves

By the way: What the F is a Seawolf.

4. Buy some sour patch kids. Machon had not done this in years. We rarely go to the movies anymore, now that it costs $47 to take Machonette on a date there, and that was the only time we ever found these wonderful sour candies in the palm of our hands. Speaking of sour candies; do they still make “Tear Jerkers” and “Cry Babies”? Great names for candy.

5. Try to see how fast you can count to ten. Machon can do it extremely fast and has been challenged on a number of occasions, never to lose. Give it a try. Reminder: It is an automatic DQ if you skip 6. Everyone skips six.


Clarke said...

The guy who attempts the backflip in that tough guy video...awesome. That's absolutely tremendous.

Completely agree on bringing a newspaper if you're going to eat breakfast alone in a restaurant/diner. That's a must.

Machon said...

The best is he comes up swinging, with the one numb chuck he didn't lose. Very good stuff. Two other point on that video:

1. The guy kicking trying to kick the apple off the head, raises the torso.

2. I love the guy who just completely whiffs on the round house and appears to injure himself

Anonymous said...

you can still get cry babies and tear jerkers. And if you want a box of the discontinued Bonkers Fruit Chews circa 1995 they can be ordered on ebay for 60 bucks... cant go wrong with that deal

Clarke said...

Yummies, up in Maine, has a ton of old-school candy. Check it out...

I might have to put in a quick order for myself.

Brandon said...

How did you get the tape of the gym I train out of? Those guys have some seriosuly sick moves...I'd never fight someone who can take a botched backflip and come up swinging way jose.

Machonette....I like that one.

Good call on the blowout, go Umass.

Oh and despite how much I despise it, Wikipedia nailed "seawolf":

Keep up quality posts all!