Monday, September 11, 2006

Piraat Amber Triple IPA and 630 Other Words.

Machon just had one of the best beers that it has ever tasted. It's all opinion and it may have to do with the fact that the only chance I had to win my pick 'em confidence pool was to go with Oakland, which landed me at the Moan and Dove in the first place. (The guy ahead of me had the Chargers and it was the only possible way for me to win) But this Strong Golden Belgium Ale was just fantastic.

-10.5 ABV
-White creamy head that just won't quit, as you take your last sip, it is still there... lingering on... much like Julio Franco.
-Deep Golden Body with the smell of a spicy, fruity, almost citrus aroma
-An extremely complex Honey Malt Flavor with a strong hop infused bitter finish

The problem is the 10.5 ABV is masked by its very appealing taste. It is a beer that could lead to dangerous situations. By dangerous situations I mean standing next to some 13 year old kid playing golden tee, telling him he is a pathetic excuse for an arcade golfer then having an in depth, quality conversation with that machine crane game where after 17 dollars you win a stuffed Bart Simpson doll that looks more like a Twinkie. What the hell is up with that game? Does anyone play that game when they are not on a date or hammered? The game just abuses the male mentality. If you are on a first date with a much will you spend? $10, $20? Are you really going admit you can't line up a metal crane over a huge pile of crap, hit a button, and win some pathetic animal that may or may not have any lasting effect on the course of the night? Of course not, you pee standing up. (side note.. imagine it was actually a pile of crap. Machon would still play, that's how stubborn he is.)

I promise that will be my last post on beer for a while. On a complete different note and for no better reason than Machon is the epicenter of the Swampscott Ghetto.. here is an instructional video for all of you to perfect the crypt walk. Great for company Christmas parties, family gatherings, and while inline at 2 am for a patriot burger at Big Fred's Roast Beef.

A Few more points while pursuing the longest post yet on 10 CFP..
1) This guy really thought Holland was going to win the world cup? Really? I'm not implying they had no shot, they did. But with Argentina in your pool..why so much confidence? And why during a C-Walk video on You Tube? Is Cocu Philip going home to learn the C-Walk? It comes up multiple times. They really love their futbol over there.
2) He has a tail. I repeat, he has a F'in tail. The only other time I have witnessed a human with a tail was when Clarke and I were at a show in a Thai restaurant in Salem Ma.. and this girl was 12 ounces short of beer can.
3) Jeans, under whatever the F that costume is. Why?
And Babyface, why are you so sick of love songs? That is really narrowing down your music catalog. Love songs are responsible for some of Machon's favorite of all time. As Nick Hornby once said:
"The truly great songs, the ones that age and golden-oldies radio stations cannot wither, are about romantic feelings. And this is not because song writers have anything to add to the subject; it's just that romance, with its dips and turns and glooms and highs, its swoops and swoons and blues, is a natural metaphor for music itself"

But who knows.. maybe Baby Face is right.

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Clarke said...

The best part of that video is the spelling error at the end.