Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Come and get your Phil

While BSG continues to routinely and lazily disparage the Bruins, apparently blissfully unaware that the Sinden/O' Connell regime is over (did he even care during the Neely/Bourque days? Just stop commenting on them. Thanks), our man on the Moses email list who actually has seen a hockey game live has this to report:

"Well, I just got back from the Bell Centre. Hadley, you are going to LOVE Phil Kessel. He's absolutely dazzling. For all you Sabres/Rangers/Islanders fans out there, Kessel plays an awful lot like Patty LaFontaine. He's an electric skater. He always seems to be around the puck. And he has an awesome shot. If they pair him up with Marc Savard or Patrice Bergeron this season, look out! I predict a 30-goal season for the rook.

Bruins look very very good this season, my friends."

The guy who wrote this edited the best preview publication I've seen in 15 years (link below) for this upcoming hockey season. Not quite the extensive research as the Simmons "You're dead to me" theory, but some solid work nonetheless. He knows what he's talking about. I'm ready, baby.

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