Thursday, September 14, 2006


Something came across my mind as I read Clarke's lyric analysis(which is great, should be a staple in the future of 10FP). Why does the rest of the country say "Waiting On Line". If you do not already know, around the home of the dory we say "Waiting IN line". I am going to try to give this a fair and take a neutral analysis on the subject. Actually, screw that.. the rest of the country is wrong and we are right. But let me try to explain.

I think the answer lies within the question, What makes the line? If you are standing on line (which sounds awkward anyway because of the internet) you are implying that there is a line, beneath the soles of your shoes, that you are forced to follow. While standing IN line means that you and the other X amount of people ARE the line. With out this group of individuals, there is nothing.. just floor space. We create the line. This is not up for debate, I have conducted research. If you have more than 2 people with you, you can actually change the entire structure of a line. 3 people can take a straight and normal line and make it bend left or right. Now you have a line that has a corner in it. It's amazing how people don't question the formation of a line. They just get in it and follow the proper line ethics. And there are ethics while in line. No need to go into those, you know them well enough. The only reason a line exists is because people form it. The line is not under us, it is us, we are the line. I wish I know how to post a poll.. because I would be interested to find out how may of the 10FP readers say On line.. especially our reader from Malaysia. And while we are there.. thanks for reading Malaysia, we're proud of ya.


Clarke said...

I completely agree. You're IN a line. Not ON a line.

Anonymous said...

yea some people are messed up

Machon said...

But it is amazing how many people say On line. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. That and the constant misuse of the words tragedy and ironic.

Clarke said...

The misuse of tragedy bothers me a lot. I hear that all the time.

Clarke said...

The misuse of tragedy bothers me a lot. I hear that all the time.

Brandon said...

this may seem weird...but the phrase "moot point" is universally used wrong.

First of all, people say MUTE point...WRONG, it's moot dickwad

second the application is the opposite of the definition in most cases. People use "moot point" to refer to something not needing of discussion...irrelevant

clearly, that is not the case. A moot point is something that IS open to debate or discussion.
English...the language for losers