Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brit and Tiger

First of all, I'm pretty sure Machon butchered that Britney post. That is DEFINITELY a photo of Brit being a super silly teen. This is an after photo:

As for comparing Brit to Tiger, I'm not buying it. I'm not even going into it . Brit is David Duval. Brit is Albert Belle. I'm not sure we have a comparison to Tiger right now. Ornery and flawless and one of the best ever? It's not coming to me.

Speaking of Tiger, this week's loss to Shaun Micheel in the first round of the Match Play Championship helps illuminate once again Tiger's greatest feat: 6 straight match play national championships. 3 Amateurs and 3 Junior Amatuers....unreal. The Tiger Slam is neat, the destruction at Pepple Beach cool, the first Masters romp fun, but nothing can beat not having a bad day for six years...and coming back from six down to beat Trip Kuehne for his first Am rocks.

Brit as El Presidente says HA HA HA!!!


Machon said...

I need some slack, if you look at my previous post.. I did throw up in a cup last night.

Jose Reyes said...

tiger == jolie

flawless and ornery