Monday, September 04, 2006

I LoVermont

That was a great bumper sticker, no?

Anyway, just got back from Vermont for the weekend and another lovely go-round with the Mount Snow Beer Festival (a review will follow from beer nut Machon). When you are chilling in Southern Vermont and you pick up one of those real estate guides, it seems deathly obvious: pack it all up and move up there. Buy a sick house for a fraction of the cost of Boston or New York. Get DirecTV and wireless internet to stay in the loop. Ski. Hike. Golf. Tennis. Drink good beer. Open a diner. Live a much more relaxed life.

Then you get on the Mass Pike or the New York Thruway and you rush like hell to beat Labor Day traffic, you curse the dregs of the earth at the Roy Rogers rest stop and you get ready to take another crack at rush hour commuting tommorow morning.

We're all sick in the head.

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Clarke said...

You make a valid point. I could feel the anger starting to flow through me this morning just thinking about battling 128 traffic on the Tuesday after Labor Day. I hadn't even started my car and I was miserable.