Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Duce likes Us

Well sort of.

I came across an old Duce Staley interview on the Steelers homepage. One of the questions:

Did you play summer sports?

"I didn’t. I was a little knucklehead running around buying 10-cent freeze pops and stuff and just having fun as a little kid"

Amen Duce, Amen. However, we combined sports, knuckleheading, and buying 10-cent freeze pops. Until they banned me from freeze pops at the little league field, which is amongst the top 3 most disappointing days of my life. I must have collected 30 cans before they told me I was cut off. No respect.

Full Interview


Brandon said...

And what did you do to get banned? that warrants some follow up.

Machon said...

Well, I was young and never got the full story, but I think I know what did it. Machon and Hadley's father was a big BJ's discount shopper. This is when BJ's really started to make it big and we took full advantage. It created a very unhealthy household. I was living off of Magic Fries, Celeste Pizza, and Twizzlers. Anyway, One day he came back at told me to put the groceries away, I must have been 6 or 7. Instead of putting things away, I decided to drink 24 freeze pops that had yet to be frozen. He came down stairs 20 minutes later and I was spinning in place with my arms out... no groceries put away. That may have started the movement.