Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NHL 94: A Compelling Read

Much has been made about the actual video game. We agree with everything that has been said, it is the Beatles of video game hockey. However, that is not why I am here today. Today I want to look at the most underrated part of this game. No, not the crowd meter, not the unstoppable force that is the Phil Housley, today I am here to talk about the Instruction Manual.

That may sound a bit weird, but I assure you once you look at it you will understand. To begin with, it is 88 pages long. That’s right… 88 pages. The game involves 3 buttons and a directional pad and still produced the longest instructional manual of all time. Let’s have a gander:

1) We open up this magnificent text and find a picture of Mark Lesser. This section is called “About The Man”. We learn:
-Mark and his wife are raising two boys in New England
-Mark programmed and designed the hardware chip for Mattel Football and Auto Race in 1976.
-Mark's hobby is “Programming games”. Okay Mark… we get it.

2) On the first page Sega politely offers an “Epilepsy Warning” and some useful hints to avoid an epileptic seizure:
- “Sit at least 2.5 meters from the television screen.”
- “If you are tired or have not had much sleep, rest and commence playing after you are fully rested.”
- “Make sure the room in which you are playing is well lit”
-“Use the game on a small a television screen as possible (preferable 14” or smaller)”

- “Rest for at least 10 minutes per hour while playing a video game”
- “Parents should supervise their children’s use of video games”

- I am not even sure they make TV’s that small anymore and I am positive that no SEGA controller was ever 8 feet long. The two I have are like 3 feet long and force you to be as close as humanly possible to the TV. As for the resting before commencing nonsense… they have got to be kidding me. Furthermore, parents buy their kids video games so the DON’T have to supervise them.

3) The next section is basic controls. I am still impressed that you could do so much with so little. With 3 buttons you could: Speed Burst, Body Check, Change Lines, Flip Pass, Clear Puck, Pass Puck, Wrist Shot, Slap Shot, One Timer, Change Player, Dive, Control Goalie, Hold, Hook, Poke Check, Trip, and take the face off.

4) The game came with an abundance of new features. If you recall, that was the best part of buying the game each year. You read the back of the game on the way home to get an inside look at what Ron Barr is bringing to the table this year. The big one here, the one that makes this the best hockey game of all time, is the One Timer. They give us a brief description of it:
“A One-Timer is a maneuver between two teammates: Player A has the puck, passes to player B, who lets the puck ricochet off his stick in an attempt to score without taking control of the puck. One-Timers are more powerful shots, so use them often for power goals.” Anyone seen Dave Lewis?
-The rest of the new features include: Goalie control, Shootout game, Penalty shots, bench and board checks, Variable player ratings for players on hot or cold streak, saving player records, Flip passes, Reverse-angle replay, Clear the zone, Auto line changes, Tougher computer control, tougher goalies, player profiles with 144 pictures, local organ music, no fighting or blood, and two expansion teams. That is quite the list; it also reinforces the fact that they are not playing '94 in Swingers, because Gretzky never would have bled.

5) Now we get to the Table of Contents… seriously, this frigging manual is monstrous. Because they went through the effort of making a contents page, I am going to utilize it here. Lets jump to:
-Page 19: Skating
“Skating skills are fundamental to good hockey. You need to skate well to check hard, to avoid checks and deke the goalies”
-I agree, but the game pretty much takes care of the skating for us. This should just explain that you need pound the ever living crap out of the C button until your thumb starts aching so you can lay out the opposition.
-Page 23: Penalties
-Just go ahead and rip this page out, you will not be needing it
-Page 29: Scoring
-“One point is awarded per goal.” This is getting a bit elementary I would say. Who is flipping through this thing saying, “I understand the concept of a delayed penalty and my defense is fine, but how many f’n points is a goal worth”
-Page 30-33: Line Changes-This was always a controversial topic. Do you play with line changes on or don’t you? Every group of friends had their way of doing it. As for me, I used to play with the line changes on, now I don’t. However, I must say it still is quite amusing to see a line made up of Gilbert Dionne, Benoit Brunet, and Todd Ewen. Also, 4 pages for line changes? Come on.

-This section could go on forever. They go into extreme detail on every single feature of the game. It is pretty amazing how much the can get out of a section titled “changing and removing goalies”.

6) Next we have the “Rosters and Ratings” section. They go through every single team and list all of the player and team ratings. This is, hands down, the best part. You could spend hours with this thing.
-Worst player in the game: Myles O’Conner of the Devils, with Tony “The Twister” Twist of the Nordiques just slightly worse than Myles at a ranking of 33. This has got to be depressing. Imagine you are Tony Twist's son. You run out to get the game, explain to your friends that your pops is actually part of this wonderful game. Then you realize he is the second worst player in the league. Not only that, out of 100 possible points, he was only given 33. Tony has devoted his life to Hockey, spent his entire childhood practicing day in and day out and Mark Lesser decides he is a 33… I would be livid. The Twister's true talent was not even allowed to be showcased in this game. I remember the Twister throwing down with Adam Oates right around the same time as this game came out. Well Tony, we will give you the respect you deserve here. Watch the Twister in action. (I appologize about the music, apparently Tony Twist fans aren't into Buffett)
-Best player in the game: Mario, he is the only 100. Bourque is a 99, Belfour is a 98, and after them it is goes Molgilny, Yzerman, Oates, LaFontaine, Selanne, Roenick, Gilmour, and then Gretzky.
-That’s right, The Great One is an 87. How can this be? Well in fairness to EA Sports, he is not the easiest player to assign quantitative value too.
-Best teams in the game: Blackhawks, Bruins, Flames, Red Wings, and Penguins.

7) After the credits section, they provide you with 4 blank pages for Notes. It actually says “Notes” on the top. Needless to say, the notes in my manual are just degrading insults about my college roommates.

8) On the back cover we get a little write up on the Emmy Award winning reporter Ron Barr. Barr also takes this time to plug his sports talk radio broadcast, Sports Byline USA. Amazingly, Ron is still the host and chairman of Sports Byline, which is in its 19th year. Good for you Ron.


Clarke said...

Tremendous work. This is one of my favorite posts of all-time.

Hadley said...

I hate no line changes. Those people that pressure no line changes are not hockey players.

Machon said...

I would argue that if you are playing with line changes you need to play more than 5 minute periods. I think period length and line changes are directly related. 5 SEGA minutes go by extremely fast, and it is not worth running all the lines. If you play 10 minute periods, completely different story.

Hadley said...

That is true...5 minutes is not long enough for line changes.

Why are Mario and Bourque not actually that good with those ratings? Does that make sense?

Mike said...

Tremendous work. I agree on the line changes. I will say also, that generally line changes take too much effort, particularly in early versions, b/c you couldn't just rely on the console to do it correctly. You could end up with some wacky lines out there, and given the intensity of some games, you didn't want to blow a game b/c you had 5 goons on the ice.

Mike said...

Oh, I love the idea that you have to be at least 8 feet away from a 14 inch (or smaller) TV to play. That means the characters were probably about 1 inch tall and your 8 feet away, that makes sense.

Brandon said...

haha i want to read the notes section...

stratego said...

Keep up the great work...i'm currently working on my best of sports video games section of my blog...check it out & leave me some feedback...


Awful said...


AwfulAnnouncing said...

So Awesome.

Anonymous said...

MoGo (#89 Buf) was by far the most unheralded stud in that game. He was a definite end to ender. In fact I'm going home and playing that tonight.

Great post

Anonymous said...

In regards to the Twister video, don't ever apologize for Pantera. They would not apologize for you.

bad dog said...

Hilarious. Poor Tony Twist's son.

goony arsenic said...

Now, I don't want to nerd out on this, but 88 pages is definitely not the longest game manual ever. I can well recall the times when manuals for flight sims were 200+ pages. World War 1 flight sims.

And I gobbled up every last line.

The inaccuracy was just offensive to me, nevermind.

Clinton Yates said...

wow. that was a huge nerd out. and I think the reference was to 'sports games manuals' but whatever.

Machon said...

Flight Sims? Really?

Anonymous said...

Beware sending stories to deadspin. People have been killed for much less.

Viva La Stool....

Anonymous said...

Was this the game where you could hit the "start" or "select" button and they would do a special, player specific move?? I remember Lindros's move was to literally PLOW people over as he skated with the puck. It was like pure carnage on the ice. 5 guys laying on the ice as he brought the puck up ice. He was impossible to bring down. If this wasnt the game that the feature was in, I'm sorry. I was just reminiscing of that specific feature and couldn't remember what year that was.

Anonymous said...

Sir you would be refering to special "Start" moves, this was started with the spin-o-rama that was perfected by the great Denis Savard. Then it was transfered to the crazy wrong footed wrister from Ray B. and Jags through the legs. You see all of these in the PS2 games but yes the greatest ever was the power fwd move brought to you by THE Eric Lindros.

Machon said...

That move was not part of 94. In fact, Lindros was not that good in 94. He was an 84, but extremely slow and in this game that means everything. That is why Molgilny and Bure are so good.

Anonymous said...

I think it was the 93 version where Roenick was absolutely unstoppable in any one-on-one situation. But he was awesome in the 94 version too. I always wondered what he had over those SEGA people for them to make him so dominant. Seriously, would anyone even remember Roenick if it were not for his awesomeness in SEGA?

Machon said...

You know what made Roenick so good, it was the fact you could not knock him down. Speed and strength were the two most important factors and strength, in my opinion, was more important. Only Doug Gilmour can knock him down with out coming cross ice, slamming the C button down. You need to use the A button, or hook, to stop him. It's crazy. That and they had the Eagle on the Blackhawks as well.

jose reyes said...

this guts the "colorable" argument that Messier > Lemieux. I don't even see Messier in the highest rated group and he was at the height of his fame driving the blueshirts to the cup at this time.

Suck it, Barry Melrose!

Jason said...

This is probably the funniest NHL94 related article ever written.

Still Boz Ballin said...

The only problem with Roenick in NHLPA 93 was that he could lose the puck if someone got their stick on him. Thats why I thought Yzerman was a better offensive player (he was faster than Roenick too.). But Roenick and Fleury were easily the best defensive Centers, as they would flatten anything in their path. It's all about the Red Wings.

junk said...

Great post.

Still think nhl95 for Genesis was the best, though.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Roenick is by far the best player in this game...One other thing, why is Joe Mullen impossible to knock over? Its like he is made of some immovable substance/

Anonymous said...

My buddies and I pulled this out after not playing it since 1996. The skills, long dormant, came back immediately. I also got an extremely painful thumb blister. Guess I'm getting soft in my old age.

No line changes is for pussies.

Anonymous said...

this is the greatest blog in the history of blogging. I can't tell you how accurately you nailed every single point about nhl 94 for sega. I used to play this game all the time with my cousins and we never played with line changes, 10 min periods, and we always mashed the crap outta our controller - so bad that our fingers would hurt after each period!! amazing

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