Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 40 Concerts in Boston History

First of all, I'd like to apologize for the lack of activity here in Freeze Pop Land for the last few days. The three contributors to this space have, unfortunately, been very busy lately. In any event, here's an interesting link someone sent me recently to a Boston Phoenix feature on the 40 greatest concerts in Boston history:

Lot of shows I wish I could've seen in there. Dylan at Harvard Square. The Dead at UMass. J. Geils and Tom Petty on the Cape. Not too shabby. And I was only vaguely aware of the circumstances surrounding their #1 pick so that was interesting to read as well.


Paul said...

The Dead had an even more electric show at Cape Cod Coliseum in October 1979 that I think is even better. But I was not there for either, so I can't speak to the crowd vibe etc. BTW, how does a 70s dead show end up lower than the Strokes? Three cords and muffled vocals win out over 3 hours of peak Dead?

Chris said...

To back up Paul's point, while I wasnt at any of the Dead's shows in the Boston area, I do have numerous shows on tape and the Cape Cod show that Paul refers to is a great one. However, the list of Dead shows in Boston begins and ends with 5/7/77, a stone cold classic from a legendary spring tour.

Overall that list was pretty fascinating and very interesting.