Thursday, November 30, 2006

Screw You, Starburst

If I may, please allow me to provide some evidence towards something of which I've long been suspicious; namely, Starburst is intentionally screwing people over by giving them more oranges and yellows (widely known to be inferior flavors) than reds and pinks. I just bought a $1.99 bag of Starbursts on my lunch break and the breakdown of fruit chews in said bag is as follows:

16 Orange
13 Yellow
7 Pink
6 Red

What kind of garbage is that?


StreakinTheQuad said...


I feel your pain. However, over Halloween I was pleasantly surprised at the ratio of pinks/reds in the little two packs that we gave out to trick-or-treaters. The bag we purchased was almost entirely pinks/reds much to my pleasure but to the frusturation of my wife who still finds wrappers scattered in random places around our house.

pokerfoos said...

I hate the pinks.