Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Worst Draft Ever

The guys over at Clubbing With Danny Ferry make an argument that no one rivals the 2000 NBA draft class as worst of all time.

Top Five:

1) Kenyon Martin

2) Stromile Swift

3) Darius Miles

4) Marcus Fizer

5) Mike Miller

Very entertaining read.


stratego said...

that is pretty bad...take a look at the top 10 from 1997
1. San Antonio - Tim Duncan
2. Philadelphia -Keith Van Horn
3. Boston -Chauncey Billups
4. Vancouver- Antonio Daniels
5. Denver -Tony Battie
6. Boston (from Dallas) -Ron Mercer
7. New Jersey -Tim Thomas
8. Golden State -Adonal Foyle
9. Toronto -Tracy McGrady
10. Milwaukee -Danny Fortson

if not for Duncan & McGrady this would have easily been the worst draft ever...

Hadley said...

Well, Billups has carved out a good career as well...I see your point, it's feast or famine...