Friday, November 10, 2006

Stamford meet Scranton

Great Office last night and the perfect time to bring the two branches together. My favorite line was the first one:

"So I fax Dwight. From himself. From the future."

Someone turned me over to Rashida Jones' IMDB page (Jim's Stamford woman, or point C in the soon to be formed love triangle as I like to call her.) They list 12 things you did not know about her, pretty interesting:

1. Younger sister of Kidada Jones
2. Went to the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California. Was voted Most Likely to Succeed.
3. Daughter of composer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton.
4. Her name is Egyptian for "righteous."
5. On People Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People" list. (USA) [2002]
6. Sings backup vocals on 3 songs on Maroon 5's album "Songs About Jane."
7. Sister of Quincy Jones III.
8. Formerly engaged to celebrity DJ Mark Ronson on 25th February 2003.
9. Has a photographic memory.
10. Niece of Robert Lipton.
11. Formerly engaged to Tobey Maguire.
12. Graduated from Harvard University (1997)

Two and seven pretty much equate each other, and I am not sure how Robert Lipton got into the mix, but overall some interesting stuff. I can't wait to have a Andy and Dwight in the same office, especially now that Jim received the promotion.

The video below is extremely well done, by far the best Office montage on youtube up to date, just a killer job editing. It is a bit long, but well worth it:


Clarke said...

Tremendous Office last night. Loved the Future Dwight opening. That was top notch. Too much good stuff to mention it all...

Machon said...

"You think Stanleys grow on trees? well they don't.
There is no Stanley tree.
You think the world is crawling with Phyllises?
Show me that farm, with Phyllises and Kevin sprouting up all over the place, ripe for the plucking.
Show me that farm."

Hadley said...

That ep was good, but this video is amazing.