Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Jersey Trashed

This is probably the ultimate jinx 48 hours before Rutgers Stadium turns into a madhouse for the first time since, well , ever. But it needs to be addressed. Rutgers is getting hosed in both the Harris and Coaches Poll. Badly. Now, I know they have to get through West Virginia and Louisville and it is highly unlikely that they win both games. However, the BCS computer has them at 9, higher than Texas, WVU, LSU and Arkansas. They pasted Illinois 33-0, a squad that gave the Buckeyes quite a run this past week. They won fairly convincingly at Pitt. Still, the humans have left them at 13 and 14 in the polls. Doesn't seem very fair.

The real problem that I have is the premise going around that 12-0 won't get them a crack at the BCS Title game. So, it's okay if the Big 12 stinks for a couple of years because they have tradition, but the Big East doesn't get props in a year that you have three really good teams and a couple decent ones...AND they kicked out Temple? Call me crazy, but if you get through Louisville, Pitt, South Florida and West Virginia unscathed AND you schedule a Big Ten and a ACC school for OOC games, you get the title game if there are less than three teams that haven't lost.

All that being said, Louisville 31 Rutgers 20. Teel will fall short.


Mike said...

Whoaaaa...easy there big fella. Let's not get too excited about wins over UNC and Illinois.

UNC is 1-8, and their only win came against 1-AA Furman (and it was by 3 points). In fact, the CLOSEST game they played against a 1-A opponent was a 5 point loss to Rutgers. Ha!

Illinois is 2-8. They beat E. Illinois and Mich St. True, Rutgers did hand them their worst loss of the season, but you have to factor in that that games was early in the season and ILL was starting a true Frosh QB and had to travel to Rutgers. Those early season road games are killers.

Let's wait till RU beats L'ville (ain't happening) and WVA (might happen, but I don't it).

Hadley said...

Clearly, the end of my post shows my prediction of the future...the main point of the post is that they should be about 5 slots higher....I think the schedule and record justifies that...when they scheduled UNC, Julius Peppers was on the team I believe...they weren't scheduling patsies.

Machon said...

What a crazy game that was. Huge day for Jersey.