Friday, November 17, 2006

The Notorious BSG

The best basketball writer on the planet delivered a tremendous column this week regarding, in no particular order of importance, the disaster of Doc Rivers, the hypocrisy of the media, the lack of necessity to be in a clubhouse (particularly because it completely ruins the joy of sports) to write informative and entertaining columns and the growing momentum of the basketball gods' ultimate thank you gift to Red (that being Gregory Oden). When Bill writes about hoop, it makes me enjoy the sport more. No other writer is able to do that. Peter King is fun, Gammons is a legend, but those sports are part of my bloodstream. Hey, I grew up a hockey player in Greater Boston. I'm Bruins first, Celts second. Simmons makes this sport fun:

"During a somber home game on Monday, Doc (now looking like Mikey after the answering machine scene in "Swingers") played 11 guys in the first 13 minutes against Orlando (the same team that fired him after a 1-10 start). The subs were coming fast and furiously, to the point that I think our penalty-killing line was out there at some point"

Good stuff....speaking of penalty-killing lines, the Bruins have rebounded nicely back to .500 with 3 straight wins. There is talent on this team, outside of goaltending where average is the standard we need to acheive until Tuukka (Rask) Yoot's Riddim arrives on the scene next year. But the Bruins look like they'll give us a winter despite the fact that Chiarelli (for better) and Lewis (for worse) play with the lines and the roster like a 12 year old when he loads up NHL ’07 for the first time. I expect Lewis to ask the refs if he can play with offsides and line changes off at some point in December.

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