Friday, November 03, 2006

The Find of the Century

Okay, I brought up Dana Hersey's The Movie Loft in the previous post. Anyone born before 1980 from Boston knows that The Movie Loft was WSBK TV 38's go-to program outside of the Bruins and the Sox. There was no network affiliation back then. Either you got the game or you got Movie Loft, which had a cold opening of Dana leading us through a loft filled with cinema reels. It was all very dramatic.

Anyway, the Family Ties commercial below has led me to the gem of gems: someone on Youtube has posted a clip of We Don't Knock, another WSBK TV show. As much as it may look like it, this is not a YouTube video blog. This is a bona fide TV program from 1984. The premise: he goes into the Rathskeller in Kenmore Square after leaving Narcissus across the street. I'm so happy we have brought this to the world. I feel like my week is complete.

It gets better:

Rich, versatile, masculine... sophisticated: Dana Hersey....I need to the find Movie Loft opening. I owe it to you.

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Hadley said...

I found this online as well. Explains a lot:

I'm J Tormey, the skinny guy with the red afro who worked with the Pocket Mime Theatre for way too many years. We only met but once or twice, but I always looked forward to reading your reviews. It was pure vanity. I performed shows with Dana Hersey at Emerson back in 1970.