Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bad Album Covers: Ken and Joyce

I am going to look at two album covers today. These don't exactly push the envelope like some, but I can't stop laughing nonetheless. I would love to see Ken and Joyce get together for a duet.

1. Ken, that's your stage name? Why no last name? You have to be frigging kidding me here.

2. Listen Ken, I am sure you enjoy this singing gig of yours and all, but did you really need to take the close up for the album cover? One can't help but look at it, it's right there for the taking.

3. Ahh, I can't take my eyes of his mustache and perfectly trimmed hair. My god, it's like a helmet with mutton chops.

4. Hold the phone, his hair is completely different in the photo on the right. I mean even his 1970's butterfly collared shirt is different. This means one of two things. Ken either took two days to shoot this album cover or he had an extensive wardrobe/hair style change during the shoot. Considering I could draw this album cover in a day, I am guessing he hit the wardrobe to give the second shot a bit more edge.

5. By request only? Fine... Give me: NWA - F**k the Police, R.E.M - End of the World, and Bowie - China Girl. Seriously, I wonder if he is still waiting for someone to make a request.

1. Hahahahahahahaahhhaaaha.

2. Oh god, this is just to much. I don't even know where to begin. Let’s tackle it piece-by-piece:

-How many birds are living in this frigging perm? I am setting the over/under at 7.

-I am hoping that she is wearing a pair of groucho glasses and that is not really her nose.

-As for the glasses, look at those specs! They remind me of the rims Clarke's mother use to wear.

-Way to much reddish purple going on here Joyce. It hurts my eyes and I am pretty sure the Salvation Army would not accept that dress as a donation.

-Put the flower down, just put it down. I'm not sure why it is involved, but if it is supposed to be some symbolic message... just stop, we don’t want it.

-50 cents? I would say that is the ceiling price on this puppy. I wonder how many copies she sold? Ken and Joyce together couldn't have broken the thousand mark. No chance.


Clarke said...

Great stuff as always.

Ken scares me.

Clarke said...

The more I think about Ken...I would almost guarantee he lives in West Virginia and has some kind of odd pet. Like a hawk. I can see Ken with one of those huge gloves that people who work with birds of prey wear.

Machon said...

"Mordecai, you came back... but with more white feahers"

I have to watch the Tennenbaums again soon. The movie is a quote machine.

"Well, everyone knows Custer died at Little Bighorn. What this book presupposes is... maybe he didn't."

Anonymous said...

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