Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bullpen Mechanics

A poster named “ChadBradfordWannabe” has been providing some great pitcher analysis over at Baseball Think Factory. These are just amazing reads, with in-depth analysis, that is often hard to find. He breaks down the pitching motion frame-by-frame and looks at every movement through out the entire process, often comparing it to previous years. He has completed 4 to date: Brandon Webb, Oliver Perez, Francisco Liriano, and Mark Mulder. The Mulder piece is even more interesting because he is on the market. We knew his K-rates were plummeting, while he was walking many more batters. We knew his hip was a mess and that he would miss the beginning of the season. However, after reading through this article, you start to see why every number associated with him is heading in the wrong direction, including age. At the same time, Buster Olney is reporting that the Red Sox may be interested. That’s fantastic, just what we need… Wade Millar part deux.

Other 2007 Free Agent Starting Pitchers

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