Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Bus is Getting Bigger

No.. Not in that sense, although I would only give it a year and a half or so. Andrew Marchand, wrote a piece on the quick success that Jerome Bettis has found off-field and on-air. He is writing an autobiography, opening a sports bar, ratifying man laws, appearing on "Football Night in America", finding his way into all types of commercials, and starting his own line of clothing called "Bus 36 Athletic Line" that will be sold at Big & Tall stores across the country. A decade ago, “The Bus” was trademarked, as well as his other nickname “The Battering Ram”. He is apparently earning more than ever. This is all nice I suppose, but I am peeved he took the battering ram, I have been trying to get people to call me that for years now.

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Che Stadium said...

Don't forget his cameo in The Office.

"Why do the call him the Bus?"

"Because he's afraid of flying."