Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The important part of the playoffs

No Sox in the playoffs? Don't worry we'll spin it back to the Sox somehow. Let's examine the ex-Sox factor:

Yanks: Johnny Damon, Mike Myers, Carl Pavano (giggle)

Tigers: Todd Jones, Wil Ledezma

A's: Jay Payton, Justin Duchsherer, Scott Sauerbeck

Twins: Lew Ford

Dodgers: Nomar, Derek Lowe, Aaron Sele, Bill Mueller (DL)

Padres: Dave Roberts, Mark Bellhorn, Todd Walker, David Wells, Josh Bard, Alan Embree, Scott Williamson, Cla Meredith, Rudy Seanez

Mets: Cliff Floyd, Pedro (DL), Chad Bradford, Darren Oliver

Cardinals: David Eckstein, Jeff Suppan, Josh Hancock

Looking at that list, I've got to pull for Nomar. That Padres roster is crazy. I'm surprised Lee Tinsley isn't on their 25.

All that being said, nobody's beating the Yankees. These other teams just aren't very good. The only chance the Yankees lose is if the A's or Twins smoke the other team in the ALDS and have their pitching lined up. That's it. Anything else, Yanks win it all in less than 15 games.

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Clarke said...

Of all the people on those rosters (and that's a pretty damn long list) Rudy Seanez is the one that kills me. In the words of Jimmy Buffett..."ain't it funny how it all works out."