Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Update Update

The cabinet of the government of Freeze Popville are all SNL historians. It's a tough job when the show is going through a not-so-funny phase. However, Seth Meyers, who is generally rather unfunny, is doing a really good job in the #2 seat of Weekend Update. I think he and Poehler actually may be a better punchline team than Fallon/Fey. For instance, he delivered this joke last week on John C Reilly's show with a master touch:

"Mike Tyson has proposed a boxing match between him and Ann Wolf, a female middleweight boxer. Many believe the bout would be similar to Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King's famed battle of the sexes, but only if Billie Jean King had been punched to death."

He nailed that one. In fact, when you look at the transcript, I think he made most of the jokes funnier than they are on paper. Good for him. He surprised me.

The John C Reilly show was real good. Jaime Pressly and Dane Cook had two bombs back to back, but we all know that the show is now very good when you have a talented host and terrible when you don't. Harpoon Man, House of Carters and The A Holes are all funny....good luck to Hugh Laurie tonight. You're carrying the cast, House.


Anonymous said...

Dane Cook's show was the highest rated in 8 years including all shows in that time frame. He was excellent! YOu have your facts screwed up ugly.


Hadley said...

No need to brings looks into it. I'm not a Dane fan. Didn't think it was good. I don't believe I mentioned ratings.

Anonymous said...

If I had to rank the four eps thus far, I'd go...

1. John C. Reilly
2. Dane Cook -- this show gets a good grade because I dig the Killers.
3. Hugh Laurie -- He did a good job, but the material was lacking.
4. Jaime Pressly -- Just a mediocre show all around.

Hadley said...

I thought the Killers were great too, but I generally leave the music act out when reviewing the show. It's generally not really fair to use that unless it's U2 three song show or something big.