Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Friday Night Lights: Take 3

The premier was extremely predictable. In fact, it almost mirrored the first 45 minutes of Varsity Blues. That being said, the football scenes were very well done and there was the presence of the ever important chill factor. There is potential with the cast and the blond chick (Adrianne Palicki) is smoking.

Some tidbits from the website:
-It is shot in Texas, every scene, mostly in and around Austin. Supporting cast are almost all Texas natives.
-The First string quarterback, Jason Street, was named after the Street family out of Austin, Texas. They all were great football players, one making it pro… in baseball. Houston Street.
-Mack Brown is in the Cast:
“He gave me the 15 minutes and I was fortunate enough to sell him on the idea of playing a zealous booster, and I think it was fun for Mack to be on the other side of the parent/coach dynamic. And at the end of working, he told me that it was fun for him to be able to give the coach a hard time for a change. Cause generally, he was taking it from the parents. I think Mack Brown is a 100% class act and a genuine inspiration to me personally.”

Machon is on board for, at least, a few weeks.


Clarke said...

I'm on board and I agree that there's plenty of potential...BUT...that last play? I mean, come on now. You can't be pulling stuff like that. That last play was ridiculous.

Machon said...

Agreed. He threw that ball like 60 yards while scrambling to his right being pursued by two bigger faster defensive players.

Machon said...

Also, Andy Reid was the opposing head coach.