Monday, October 16, 2006


One of my duties at my day job is monitoring emails that come into the company sales box. And on a Monday morning, like today, that often entails a couple hundred emails or so; a large portion of which is spam. All of it gets deleted, of course, but there are always a few subjects that stand out and add some brief enjoyment to my day. Here, as an example, are my favorite spam subjects from today...

“I felt it myself when my girlfriend left me!”

“And it smells of sulfur to this day”

“Test the sweets of the life yourself”

“Check out for H-O-T-N-E-S-S!”

“Exploitation and pillage”


Machon said...

I have had some great ones the past few weeks for some reason. Some subject examples:
-"Oh, you do it very fast..."
-"It is possible today with excellent formula"
-"It will go to the sky tomorrow crossbow"

I have no idea what they mean, especially the last one.

Mike said...

And, no clarke, you've spammed us with your spam.

Mike said...

sorry, that should have said, "now clarke"

Clarke said...

Perhaps. I do think the sulfur one could be the punchline to a great joke though. So some good could come of that spam yet.