Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fun with Video

“Gonna Make You Sweat”- C&C Music Factory

Was not sure how to do this or how it should be read. I would suggest hitting pause at the time intervals depicted below, it seems to work nicely that way.

00:03- Interesting way to start the video, but I am going to have to call you out on that move. You initially throw rock, then flinch and follow through with paper. You have to be more decisive.
00:04- I saw that coming from a mile away. You should have come back with paper. Going with scissor on the redo? That is not acceptable rock-paper-scissor management for someone your age. Also, are you missing a finger? You have very awkward hands.
00:07- Solid thumbs up. I appreciate you taking the loss so well. You sure like bracelets.
00:11- What the hell is that thing. Not “cool”
00:14- Yes! That is a great dance move. The hump, you have to love the hump.
Brief Update-Here we get to meet the group and we are introduced to Zelma (Davis). However, she is not really singing, but just moving her yapper. Martha Wash was the actual singer. That has got to stink, not being allowed into the video... but then again, it may not have been a Bad Choice
00:33- Okay, this guy has got to be kidding me. Michael Scott on a harbor cruise can execute dance moves more properly.
00:42- Wow. You just don’t see that Kid n’ Play, eraser head, hair cut everyday. Only if Machon could maneuver his hair into that formation.
00:51- Were sunglasses really that cool? I remember them being a big deal, but this is getting out of control. Also, here comes this dink who can’t buy a dance.
01:01- Why do people in videos feel the need to jump like this? Does anyone besides cheerleaders and half-dressed men in dance videos do the jump/spread eagle move? No, the answer is no. Try that out. Rip your shirt off, throw on some shades, and start doing spread eagles in the air.
01:11-01:15-“Guys grab a girl, don't wait, make a twirl It's your world and I'm just a squirrel. Trying to get a nut so move your butt”. That’s funny.
Brief Update- I can’t get over this guy dancing. He is just pumping out signature, early 90, moves left and right. Throwing kicks and spread eagle jumps all over the place, this is f’n wonderful.
01:32- Train girl? If that means what I think it does, well… I’m speechless.
01:41-That chick has a bicycle wheel. I hope she finds the rest of her bike.
01:48- Pause the screen. Tell me that doesn’t creep the ever living crap out of you. Also, once again with the sunglasses.
01:53- I JUST CRAPPED MY PANTS. This guy is an all-star. I mean this is first ballot material.
02:04- What is the chances that guy has been to Paris?
02:09- Yes, I can say C&C. Why do you ask?
02:16- Hey, there’s a white guy.
02:29- Phew, she found the rest of her bike.
02:59- I don’t want to sweat to I bleed. That just does not sound inviting. Also, is it illegal to “pay the price to roll the dice”? I would guess the croupier would take care of that.
03:24- Music is not your life Zelma. Lip synching may be, but that is not really music now is it.
03:38- Two things. 1. Those are “Button Your Fly” jeans and that’s great. 2. Why the hell is he doing that.
03:56- Thank god. This guy has made my day. I dare you to get up right now, kneel down on the floor, lean back, and start violently humping the air, while pumping your fists like pistons.
03:59- What the hell does Double Dutch have to do with anything.
04:01- Moving to thumb wars are we…
04:03- Shake it off there fella, you really put your all into the eagle jumping, leg kicking, humping everything in the neighborhood, nonsense dance moves today. Job well done.


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Machon said...

While it is also nice to meet you, I am going to have to turn down your offer. Mostly because I have no idea what the last line means.

Clarke said...

Tremendous video. So much stuff going on. For some reason the scenes with the producer kill me. And, of course, the dancing is top notch. The bike is awesome. Just a great video all around.

There's no way anyone involved in that video is ever going to make me sweat 'til I bleed though.

Brandon said...

The spread eagle jump is a 'no-no'....well I seem to remember machon (on SEVERAL occasions) attempting some sort of flutter jump move to prove he had the best hang time.....
Perhaps Spread Eagle Man was trying to beat you?

Machon said...

prove? I think my track record speaks for itself.