Friday, August 25, 2006

The Missed Opportunity

I figure that I best get a sports post up before people think this is a blog revolving around grade school spelling bees, which clearly can't be good for anyone involved.

Lots of people are lamenting how the Sox are wasting these prime seasons of Manny and Papi. Frankly, it's not bothering me all that much for two reasons: 1) 2004. 2) I know what a true lost opportunity is in sports. Cam and Ray. As Bruins fans, watching the prime years of 77 and the unreal ability of Cam Neely to be the perfect hockey player for Greater Boston was great until the moment you realized that Cam was done at such a young age and the chance to win the Cup was over. Cam scored 50 goals in 44 freakin games when he couldn't play back to back nights! Only Gretzky has scored 50 goals faster. When we got to 1996 and saw the Panthers wipe them out fast and furious, you knew the window had closed and it was all done.

Now that, kids, is a lost opportunity.

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