Saturday, August 26, 2006

Jeff Tweedy Solo DVD

The good news is Wilco has been taping footage of live shows over the past year in hopes to release a DVD this coming fall. The bad news, they have decided not to release it. Instead, Jeff Tweedy will release his first solo DVD, Sunken Treasure: Live in the Pacific Northwest, on October 24. Machon is not really sure how to take this one. We love Tweedy and I am sure the project will be great, but one has to wonder how much of this decision was Jeff’s and how much was the bands. The DVD was shot over 5 nights and was directed by Christopher Green. Tweedy is well known for not having set play lists for his solo shows, but instead picking and choosing from his 200+ song repertoire. Machon is hoping that, while it encapsulates “how the tour felt”, it concentrates on the music. Unlike Wilco’s 2002 release I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.

Track List:
Sunken Treasure, Theologians, The Ruling Class, How to Fight Loneliness, Summerteeth, The Thanks I Get, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, ELT, Shot in the Arm, In a Future Age, Laminated Cat, (Was I) In Your Dreams, Airline to Heaven, Heavy Metal Drummer, War on War, Acuff Rose.



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