Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ari- You're Fired

So what did everyone think? The season started off on the wrong foot in my opinion. The Dom character was a complete disaster. He took to much time away from Drama and Ari, and by doing that basically swept the knees out from under the show. Once he left, things started to turn around. I thought that Vince and Turtle were much more tolerable this year and even Eric stepped up his game a bit. The problem with this season was that the major conflict and ultimately the climax seemed to be forced. Ari telling a lie is nothing new. That is the premise of his character. He is a conniving, backstabbing, two-faced asshole, but for all the right reasons. In the end, he does want Vince to succeed. But he understands the nature of the business, he understands that the wants and needs of the studio will greatly differ from the wants and needs of his clients and that is why he is such a good agent. He possesses a chameleonic ability to change the way he represents himself depending on his audience. However, Vince fires him because he would not say sorry and he stooped to the level of his competitors and he lied. Really? Was Vince and Eric that surprised by his actions? As Gob Bluth would say, Come On. That was the end of the season and it seemed forced. They needed a cliffhanger for next season, I understand that. But Piven is not going anywhere, so the anticipation for next season lies in how Ari will end up with Vince and the crew again? I think they could have done better. The episode was great and there were some phenomenal lines, but I just think the ending could have been better. Two people make this show work and as long as Drama and Ari are part of the cast I will watch the show. They could film 20 minutes of complete garbage and I would still tune in for their performances. They both are that good.



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Brandon said...

A well put post...Dom was a low point of the series I think. I often said during those episodes that I was upset about discontinuity from the last season namely: the absence of E's ridiculously, painfully hot girlfriend and Turtle's rapper Saigon. Thankfully, they heard my prayers and introduced a Sloan 3-some, Saigon's heel turn, and even threw JOSH WEINSTEIN back into the mix. While I agree that this was the weakest season....the middle episodes (particularly the aquaman premier episode) were more than enough to make it worthwhile season!!!