Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hunt With Catfish

There's nothing quite like a great email list, especially one that has all kinds of people bringing different things to the table. In a list that the great Moses put together, I am able to play the role of sabermetric Sox fan who is a little less angst-ridden than when the list started, with a sub-role as a Springsteen fanatic who likes The Office, Arrested Development and the media industry. We have the Canadian Hockey guy who hates Jeffrey Loria, the guy who does a comprehensive NFL rankings every Monday, the Howard Stern Is Lord guy, the Mets-Boxing-Horses-WWE Mash Up Guy, the Sabres Diehard Who Also Hates ARod And Is A Great Yankees Fan and the Guy Who Went To School With a Certain Sox GM And Can Divulge Incriminating Stories. Meanwhile, Moses, the organizer is a lightning rod who roots for about 215 different teams and hears about it every 120 minutes or so. Great list. Very addicting.

Anyway, a list member, who shall be known as Catfish in these parts, is The College Football Guy. He makes watching college football enjoyable and his weekly picks are great. I'll be putting one a week up here to educate the dozens of people that frequent Freeze Pop Land. We'll start it off with a shot at the bow of media darling West Virginia...he's not on the Mountaineer Bandwagon, to say the least:

Saturday Marshall @ No. 7 West Virginia -24 (48)
Everyone remembers West Virginia rolling over Georgia in the Sugar Bowl and that has led to lofty expectations for WVU. People forget that the team barely eked out a lot of the regular season. Wins by 8 versus Syracuse, 5 versus ECU, 13 versus Rutgers, 14 versus USF. WVU did not just run away with the season. Marshall went 4-7 last year, but their coach was a first timer who didn't take control until after Spring practice. It was also Marshall's first losing season in over 20 years. Marshall will be up for this game, and WVU will be basking in their hype. WVU wins, but doesn't cover. Pick: Marshall

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