Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Little VMA Trivia

Apparently, the MTV Video Music Awards are airing tonight. It has to be a sign that you're getting old and out of touch when the VMA's completely sneak up on you. It's still worthy of Tivo status, especially with Jack Black doing the hosting, but at some point in my late 20's I realized MTV and I suddenly had very little in common and things like this are barely on my radar at this point.

At any rate, in honor of the VMA's I thought it might be interesting to look at the list of all-time award leaders. I posted this on the Barstool Sports forum last year (actually did it as a trivia question) and people were flabbergasted at the results.

The All-Time VMA Leaderboard

1)Madonna-20 (No big surprise here. She's #1 and it's not really close.)
2)Peter Gabriel-12 (Now, there's a suprise. Sledgehammer killed in '87.)
3)R.E.M.-11 ("That's me in the corner....")
4)Aerosmith-10 (No surprise.)
T5)Fatboy Slim-9 (Thank you Christopher Walken)
T5)Gwen Stefani-9 (5 with No Doubt. 4 solo awards.)
T8)Green Day-8
T8)Janet Jackson-8 (More than her brother in a minor upset)
T8)a-Ha-8 (Behold the awesome power of Take On Me.)
T12)NSync-7 (Before Lance came out)
T12)Michael Jackson-7 (Surprisngly low in my opinion.)
T12)Smashing Pumpkins-7 (Had a big year in '96)
T12)En Vogue-7 (Free Your Mind in '93. Whatta Man in '94)

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