Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bo vs. Roenick: The Age Old Debate

I am going to settle the age old question: who is the better video game athlete, Bo or Roenick?

To me it is crystal clear and while I like 94 much better, Bo was and is the more dominating of the two.

Let’s begin with looking at the landscape of 94. Roenick was great, but if I was forced to play one game for my life, I would not choose the Blackhawks. My choice would undoubtedly be Buffalo. In fact, the Blackhawks are not present in my top 8 favorite teams in the game, which are:


While many people say Jeremy was “unstoppable”, every seasoned NHL 94 player knows this to be false. The thing that makes him so good is the fact he is tough to knock down. However, if you just utilize the hook (A button) you can tie him up pretty easily. The Blackhawks are certainly a great team, but that has just as much to do with Eddie the eagle as it does Roenick.

This is not true for Tecmo Bowl. In the original, Bo is on his own planet. Not one player compares to him. There is no Mogilny, Bure, Bourque, or Fluery comparison in Tecmo Bowl. Bo is much better than Sweetness. He is so good, he can beat any team on his own. Sure, Tim Brown is a solid number 2, but make no mistake… Bo OWNS that game. There is no hook button to slow him down, he just tears through defenses. Furthermore, the better you and your friends get at NHL, the more of a non-factor Roenick becomes. If two people are playing that really know what they are doing, can control the goalie, and don’t rely on the same few moves every time, it becomes a level playing field with most teams. A poor 94 player will never beat a very good one, we know this. However, a bad Tecmo Bowl player may have a chance with Bo. That is the difference.

The Force himself:

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Shorty said...

Very similar to a post i did on Christmas Day...

Shorty said...

Is there a better team in NHL 93 than the Detroit Red Wings? Yzerman & Federov are both sick and Lidstrom is an awesome defenseman...i love that game to this day...

The Captain said...

another great thing about Tecmo was dropping back to your own endzone and hurling said pigskin the entire length of the field for a TD. Jay Schroeder was particularly adept at this (often finding Tim Brown for the open score)... this is all Jay Schroeder was adept at.

Anonymous said...

You left out Detroit and Vancouver on your NHL 94 teams. Gigantic mistake.

Machon said...

I was never Vancouver or Detroit. Mostly because my best friend was Vancouver every single time we played and it felt sort of off playing with them. Calgery and Buffalo where my two go to teams. That being said, the Canucks where just awesome