Friday, January 26, 2007

About Time

Red Sox and J.D Drew finally reach a deal after 7 weeks. Man, that took a long time.

The language is similar to that in Magglio Ordonez's deal with the Detroit Tigers. Boras and the players' association agreed that if the Red Sox exercise their rights under that language, neither Drew nor the union would contend that the language is unenforceable.

So the Sox took their time and now have a deal in place with a saftey net. Rotoworld explains what came out of the 2 month negotiation nicely:

If Drew goes on the disabled list with a right shoulder problem in the third year of the deal, the Sox can void the final two years of the contract. If he is disabled in the fourth year, the Sox can void the final year of the deal.

I am very happy with this signing overall. They have a guy who will be more productive than Nixon and tagged some insurance onto the deal in the end. Well played IMO. That really sets up our front of the lineup, now to get a closer.

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