Friday, January 12, 2007

Raymond Berry's Pats

You know what we need? We need someone to start a website that posts nothing but sports-related song parodies, jingles and theme songs. You're telling me you wouldn't enjoy a site that had that Bernie Kosar song they made up back in the 80's in Cleveland, T.O.'s rap about joining the Cowboys or Jess Cain's 1967 classic, "The Man We Call Yaz?" I know I would. And I think someone needs to capture these things before they get completely lost to history. There's too much comedy at stake not to do it.

Take "Raymond Berry's Pats," a snappy little number they used to play on the local airwaves during the Pats '86 Super Bowl run and featured lyrics like this...

"My name is Raymond Berry and I'm proud of all my men
Tell Richard Dent and Payton that we're not afraid of them
Oh, we took Don Shula and Al Davis, Ditka here's our plan
We'll defrost the Refrigerator, then shut down McMahon."

and this...

"Our offense, folks, it rarely chokes...this year we've won close games
The stars are Hannah, Holloway, Collins and Craig James
Oh, there's scoring from Morgan and Eason's the reason Chicago will finally collapse
We are a team of destiny....we're Raymond Berry's Pats."

I think we need to start tracking this stuff down ASAP.


Travis said...

The local oldies station here in Madison,WI, WOLX, recently parodied ABBA's seminal work "Fernando", rehashing the classic under the new monniker "Alando", singing the praises of my University of Wisconsin Badgers star basketball player leading Bucky to a 21-1 record and #2 national ranking. It's a pretty funny listen.

Steven Miller said...

Here's a link to the audio of the song: