Friday, February 02, 2007

Will the streak continue

The Celtics are going to hit the hardwood tonight in pursuit for their 14th straight loss. I am not sure which is a more impressive feat, the Suns' winning streak or the Celtics losing one. History tells us it is harder to lose a lot of games in a row. The longest losing streak is 23 games, while the Lakers won 33 straight in the 71-72 season. The best part for us Celtics fans is we actually get to cheer on this puppy. With Oden and Durant in mix this year, I hope they lose 30 straight.

Side note: That Duke/Virgina game was great entertainment last night. Sean Singletary is really exciting to watch and the Cavaliers, in my opinion, have the best backcourt in the nation. Singletary's one-handed fade away over McRoberts for the game winner was great, but the entire game he showed why he has the best handle on the ball in the country.


Mike said...

Pretty weak stuff. UVA has the best backcourt? How about UNC, Kansas, Florida, UCLA (duh!), Ohio St, and arguably, Marquette and Oregon too. That's just off the top of my head. UVA has a very good backcourt, no doubt about that. And they can win just about any game b/c of that, but it's not even close to the best in the country.

Machon said...

Not even close? Sorry Mike, I have to disagree with you here. They are 8-2 in the ACC with huge wins against Duke, Clemson, and Maryland.

Reynolds and Singletary out perform every back court they face.

UNC is deeper than UVA, but I wouldn't say Lawson and Ellington are better. I would agree Afflalo is better than either one of them, but they don't have two players better than Reynolds and Singletary.

I can see what your saying, but I would never say it's not close.

Mike said...

Given UNC's loss, I retract the Lawson/Ellington comment. I hate them at the moment. Jerks.

But have you missed Collison in UCLA's backcourt? He's better than Affalo. Singletary and Reynolds are good, no doubt. They're just not the best.