Thursday, February 22, 2007

From the Boston Globe Archives....

I've been amusing myself no end this afternoon by searching the Boston Globe's online archives. So much so that I went ahead and bought a 25-article pass, by all accounts a horrible bargain, for the right to download a few of my choice. I'll definitely keep the citizens of Freeze Pop Land updated if I come across anything noteworthy. For now, enjoy this teaser for a 1982 column from the venerable Mike Barnicle...

Published on November 26, 1982
Author(s): Mike Barnicle

Not that it really matters, but:

Nancy Reagan had two turkeys in her house yesterday.

Stewardesses aren't as pretty as they used to be.

Diet Coke is a great drink.

Tab tastes like soap.

Pro football is as exciting as unloading a dishwasher.

John Glenn could be my President.

And things are so bad that even Bob Dole is looking good.

But Alan Cranston looks like E.T.

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