Monday, April 09, 2007

The Masters

Couple random thoughts on The Masters...

-I've heard multiple people talking about how they were glad Johnson won because "he can use the money more than Tiger." Couple things. First, can't you say that about essentially every athlete on the planet? I mean, who's in better financial shape than Tiger? But, also, can we all gain a little perspective here? Zach Johnson has made almost $9 million on Tour in his career. He's a multi-millionaire whether he won this week or missed the cut.

-Nice f-bomb from Stu Appleby after his tee shot on 8.

-I'll give Faldo about a B for his first year as the lead analyst for Masters coverage. Seemed like he was a little nervous at times but overall I thought he was fine. I think he'll only get better. Definitely gets credit for calling a non-Tiger win from the start, even if he did beat it into the ground.

-Shot of the day? I've got two. Goosen's iron out of the pine straw at 7 was ridiculous. And obviously, Johnson's chip on 18 was probably the most important shot. That took some serious stones after bogeying 17 and fanning his iron into the green. Honorable mention to Tiger for the 5-iron into 13 to set up eagle. Great shot but also very lucky to catch that ridge by less than a foot.

-Worst shot? Vijay rinsing his approach on 15 in the middle of the pond. One thing to hit it in the water there. That one wasn't even close though.

-I knew the "praise Jesus" stuff was coming from Zach Johnson when I saw someone in his gallery wearing a hat with a rhinestone cross. So that didn't surprise me. Nothing we haven't heard before. It would crack me up though (and this has also been discussed a million times so I'm not pretending to pawn this off as an original thought) if someone that lost went the other way and blamed Jesus. I think I'd piss my pants if I ever heard Tiger say, "you know what? There was nothing I could do today. Jesus made me play too much break on 16. Then he underclubbed me on 17 and forced me to hit it in the bunker. Thanks alot Jesus!"

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Joseph said...

forgot to include rory sabatini's putt...