Friday, March 16, 2007

Please Stop

As I opened the 2007 Red Sox Annual last night, the news started reporting a weather warning. Now, as I sit and read about the future of the Sox farm system... I look out the window and see a sheet of white. I feel like I have been had, with 70 degree weather early this week, baseball was on my mind. With our Ace extending fascinating insight ranging from his contract to his thoughts on CHB to how his change is doing, I am nipping at the bit for opening day. But now this. Mother nature decides to take a crap on my optimistic attitude and now I will have to go home and friggin shovel.

Side Note: I highly urge all Red Sox Fans to purchase the 2007 Red Sox Annual. It is by far the most in depth and thought provoking pre-season literature out there. I would push all Baseball fans in general to visit Schillings website... it is that good.

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